My yoga teacher is pregnant!


For those of you who frequent my classes, you know by now that this yoga teacher has got a baby brewing! This is my second pregnancy practicing yoga but my first pregnancy as a yoga instructor and, I can tell you, it has changed how I teach.

During my last pregnancy I maintained a physical yoga practice right until the day before I went into labour. I intend to do that again (body and baby willing). But, yoga pregnant is not the same as yoga NOT pregnant. Already I am pining for the days of forward folds with my feet hips distance apart (or closer!), not to mention the luxury of taking deep twists that really rinse out my internal organs. But, despite having to pull back on my personal physical practice, teaching yoga pregnant has become a fabulous place of growth and discovery.

What does it mean for you when you show up for a class now that this baby belly is also making an appearance? It means I’m demoing the poses less and talking you through them more. The big bonus is that I see you more then ever. I’m not busy hanging out in poses where my view is obscured. Instead, I can look around the room thoroughly and ensure the following is going on:

A) You understand the general form of the asana (posture)
B) You are moving in ways that are safe for your body
C) You are empowered to fine tune your practice as your body and mind are ready

AND, even if you don’t realize all of those things are happening, what you will notice is there is a lady, who looks like she has a beach ball in her belly, telling you what to do. It’s totally awesome!

For everyone who is heading to my class in the next few months, I look forward to sharing my pregnant teaching practice with you.  See you there!


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