Making new

Chocolate santas

Being a newly knighted yoga teacher I thought this Christmas might be different then the Christmases of years past.  I had high expectations of moderation. Chocolate enjoyed only to tickle the the taste buds. Mashed potatoes to nourish the soul. Meditation (instead of wine) to relieve the stress.

So, it’s not a big jump to guess that none of that happened.  I type this after eating an entire dark chocolate Santa. I do not feel enlightened by it. I feel full and a little gross. Bleh!

It’s tricky how the brain works.

As I dive head on into seconds and thirds of the greasiest Christmas dishes my mind says, “you will love this. You won’t regret it later. This is the Christmas experience. Revel in it.” And because I’m gullible, for a moment, I do. But, I really don’t feel awesome after. I feel crappy. And then I’m running from one sugar high to the next. I’m chasing the Christmas dragon. I’m spiralling down. Down, down, down, towards the floor.

But, once the cycle starts, how do you stop it? We don’t go on like this until next Christmas (well, not most years). Sometimes we make our brains and bodies so damn sick in such a short period of time we have to take drastic measures. Measures like New Year’s Resolutions.

What would we do without the grace and guidance of resolving change? Oh, there is something I so love about that. January 1st. The clean slate. Suddenly it’s all wiped away. No sugar addiction. No vrittis. All that crappy stuff doesn’t stand a chance. Kick your caffeine habit. Put away your iPhone. Tell your Mom you love her. New Year’s day has it all. And, if that isn’t the magic of the holidays, I don’t know what is.

So, even if Brahmacharya (at least, the non-sexual interpretation of the Yama of restraint) hasn’t been your strong suit this holiday season you can rest in the fact that you have change on your horizon. With a slight push from midnight chimes and the rolling of a calendar, you have the power to find your inner peace, your inner kindness and maybe a carrot or two.

Good luck my friends and enjoy the gentle sweetness of the fresh and the new.


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  1. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much cheese on the 24th and 25th but hey! it was Christmas and we don’t usually have access to such yummies here. I made a special trip to get the good stuff. And now? I’m in bed sick with my too-much-dairy sore throat and cough. When WILL we learn? Nice blog dear Em! Keep up the great work! Heather Alicia

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