…and you will call that place Home

Moving. It is supposedly one of the top stressers we will experience in our lives. We are creatures of habit. We thrive off of familiarity. We bow to the comfort of consistency. We don’t like putting our sense of normal in a blender and seeing how it tastes all mixed up. Well, very few of us do anyway.

For the sake of this blog, imagine you love routine and you love knowing what comes next. But, instead of basking in the sweet comfort of it all, you go and look that stability square in the face and stomp on it. You crush it like you were wearing those doc martens you used to own in the 90’s (preferably lace up/knee high). You are packing up your life, putting it in boxes, staring at it, dragging it around and imagining fitting it in a new place with new walls (actually, a place with no walls because they have asbestos in them and need to be torn out). When that’s all over and the air monitoring people say the dust is settled and safe, you will move in and you will call that place Home.

Previously, my husband and I spent a lot of time on the road, in the air and on trains. We know moving around. We travelled the world for a year on our honeymoon. It was truly one of the most romantic things we could have done but, it was also stressful.

When we began our adventure, I decided my home was going to be my travel yoga mat. The walls around me would change, the food would change, our travel companions would change, but my mat (and my husband) would always stay the same. Through Thailand, Laos, China, Malaysia and India, my mat helped me feel normal. I would stand on that pink rubbery grippy surface and feel the texture of it under my toes and know, even in the changing scenery, I was still me and this body, with all it’s familiar beauties and challenges, was mine.

That was all I needed.

Of course, moving is different then travel. There are no lions and elephants to see in the wild. We aren’t arriving at a train station at 4am and trying to figure out which rickshaw driver will give us the least hassle and the best price. We aren’t standing in awe at the foot of an ancient temple. Moving is definitely less glamourous but, there is something about it that feels the same. There is uncertainty, excitement, progress, new experiences… those things are there.

So, I’m going to take what I’ve learned from travel into my move and put a lot of faith in my mat. In my mat I can keep coming home no matter what state my physical home might be in.

We take possession of the house in two weeks and we move in three. It should be an interesting time and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.


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