One of THOSE yoga classes


When I came back to yoga after my son was born it wasn’t long before I went to one of those yoga classes that got right under my skin. And, I mean under my skin in a good way. The kind of way that makes you realize that this yoga thing is exactly what your body was meant to be doing.

This time it was Julie Peters‘ class and in it we flowed through Surya Namaskara C, moving to the blues with such ease it brought a sensuality to the flow. My body felt like water.

So when I heard Julie was putting on Teaching as Storytelling: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at my home studio, East Side Yoga, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Not only will we cover the beautiful Surya C but Julie, being the writer she is, will be drawing from storytelling as a means of teaching. I’m hoping storytelling works both as a metaphor for the practice as well as literally learning to become a yoga teacher/storyteller. I love a good yoga class where the teacher captures your interest by cultivating something inspirational or thought provoking. It’s even better when the story they weave throughout the practice hits home in a way that makes every footing and hand placement have meaning and purpose. Those classes are why I keep going to yoga.

Whatever arises in the teacher training this Sunday – Wednesday, what I’m most excited about is to be learning a little more from a teacher I practice with weekly. There is nothing better then diving in with someone you respect and who knows your practice well.

Can’t wait!


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