Slowing down and chilling out


Home sweet home with my silly little baby. Now I get to go back to being a full time Mom. At least, for now.

Today was our last day of module two at yyoga teacher training and we each had an opportunity to teach part of the asana practice. My handstand instructions went well considering how I felt about my attempt at teaching yesterday. Today, I could develop constructive criticism from my experience that might actually help me improve in my ability to teach.

The most important thing I can take away from today is to stop talking.

I’m a babbler at heart and the less I say, the more important each word becomes. I should really apply this to my entire life.

The second point is to breathe deeply to see clearly. I won’t be able to help students unless I can relax and observe them effectively.

Both of these lessons can be related back to the ever popular sutra 1.2:

Yogas citta vritti nirodhah

Translation: Yoga stops the rolling of the mind.

If I can slow down my thoughts and chill out I think my teaching practice might eventually become really awesome.

In this, I can easily see how teaching yoga could become yoga. Whoa.



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2 responses to “Slowing down and chilling out

  1. jayfav

    Congrats on completing the program!! When do we start?

  2. Great post! I too am a blabber at heart, and can relate completely. It was a pleasant reminder to slow it down and also listen more.

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