Uhhhing my way through day seven


Today was day seven of eight for me at my yoga teacher training. I was exhausted (again) due to being up late with homework and baby care. It was another full day on less energy then I really needed to get by. But hey, I survived. I knew being a new mom would mean a lot less sleep then I was used to. I am just wondering when the benefit of hallucinations might kick in.

Near the end of the day today we taught a prescribed 30 minute class to a partner without any preparation. Quite the eye opener for me. I was stammering all over the place, “uuuuh”ing to fill space as I scrambled to try to articulate what my brain really wanted my student to do. It’s funny how you can realize what you are saying is incorrect, but even with that awareness, the ability to change out the speech pattern turns out to be ridiculously hard. I guess that’s why getting myself to module three is so important. I need practice!!!

Speaking of module three, it turns out that I’m the only student in this group who is not immediately going on to complete the program. Everyone else is on this amazing one month intensive to complete their 200 hours. Part of me wishes I could start my module three with them this week, but the other part of me who’s head hurts, who feels dizzy from exhaustion, who is missing her five month old baby, THAT side of me is happy to wave from the stands and cheer the group on as I wait patiently for the weekend course to start up in November. Oh yeah, AND we have subjects to remove this week on the new house! Even with all that, I’m really going to miss all the people in my class and truly miss the learning that I am fortunate enough to be experiencing.

As for tomorrow, class runs from 7:30 to 1:00 so it’s a short day and knowing that, I’ve already started to feel like I might be home free. But before I get too giddy I better get down to business and start practicing my handstand script which I have the pleasure of teaching to my classmates tomorrow. Perhaps, I can even find some enlightening points to share with the blogging world once I get myself a little more sleep.


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