Workin’ it on day three


Day three and my body already hurts. My intercostals, my glutes, my quads, it’s all sore. It’s that good kind of workin’ my body sore, but it’s also the kind of sore that makes me a little scared for tomorrow’s practice. Yikes.

I do feel like I came by it honorably. Today we worked on pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), sirsasana (headstand) and sarvangasana (shoulder stand). We also workshopped handstand and headstand in the our afternoon teaching component of the class. Body is tiiiiired.

There are a lot of other amazing things happening. This morning we spent time on sutra II.1. It was all about finding the appropriate fiery dedication OR graceful surrender to serve us best in our lives of action. Gorgeous.

We also covered really amazing anatomy stuff with the cervical spine and it’s ability to mimic a ball and joint socket. Amazing. And, blood pressure is super interesting. I had no idea what those numbers were measuring before with the blood pressure cuff. It turns out those numbers represent the pressure in the major arteries when the heart pumps, followed by the pressure when the heart rests.

Beyond all that yogi stuff, I have to say I missed my little boy the most today. My burning desire to be with him and protect him made me think about his cute pudgy face and the little giggles he gives when I pretend to eat his belly. The surrender of my constant mommy-hood to be dedicated to module two has got to link to that sutra we looked at today. I feel my tapahs working over time when it comes to my baby. My little guy is truly the zeal or fire that drives me right now. I am already starting to miss him for tomorrow.


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