Knees & Friday the 13th

No, it’s not a scary movie. Today was day four and the halfway point of the yyoga module two teacher training. If halfway points or auspicious days are ripe for breakdowns, I’m right on track. Enough said.

In other news, knees were the big theme today. If you have read any of my previous posts about injuries, you know that knees are super interesting to me. Today, Rachel showed me how internal rotation of the femur in the hip joint in supta virasana hurt my knee (I had been wondering!!). Her teaching pal Kristen was quick to point out that for me it might not just be the internal rotation of the pose that got me, but combine that with crazy tight quads and try reclining on that unstable knee. Recipe for disaster.

So the knee anatomy lesson was phenomenal (in my humble opinion). Lovely words like “modified hinge joint,” “menisci,” “ACL” are like sugar plums dancing in my head.

The biggest thing I took away from today (as a potential teacher of others and a teacher of myself) is, “treat the knee joint as a pure hinge joint.” Basically, this means keep the tibia and femur in line with one another even though the knee has the ability to twist a little. I’m looking at you pigeon, virasana and trikononsana. When it comes to this knee lesson, I am drinking the kool-aid and I’m throwing in an hallelujah. This stuff is crazy important to the longevity of this little ‘ol body of mine.


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