Life is crazy until you do handstand


Day two. Last night I had defined my intention for the course as “to be as dedicated as possible to learning anything and everything this course has to offer.” I’m not coming to class everyday to just pass the test, I really want to know this stuff… forever.

Life threw me a curve ball today. In my morning break after an enlightening section on pranayama, kriyas and mudras, I found out that the owners of a house we had put an offer on had come back (weeks later) to say they would accept our price. Nothing is final just yet but it looks like we may be moving. I was elated. Crazy happy. Soon this bouncy house hunting high was followed by a rush of stress. Moving? With a baby? But we have to get this, this and this before we put our house on the market. What were we thinking?

Of course the news is awesome and of course it is stressful, but today, it was also incredibly distracting. Fortunately we had a fabulous asana practice that got me out of my head. We worked handstand in partners and in those moments I couldn’t think about the house. It was all shoulder blade alignment and working our midline from hasta to pada. Baboom! Handstand is more distracting then house buying. Yay for asana!

The afternoon wasn’t quite as successful. We learned cueing for the contraction and expansion of a pose. I was interested but I can’t say I have it mastered with the whirlwind I had going on in my mind. Oh house buying vrittis, shhhhh, I’m trying to learn!

Tomorrow is another day.

Until then, does anyone have any large mid century modern furniture that you might want to trade for the tiny stuff we currently own?

Life is crazy. Very, very crazy.


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