Just breathe


Did you know that when you breathe you are actually giving your heart and organs massages?? Cool eh?

Day one of this teacher training module was all about the breath which was especially fantastic for me because Louie Ettling‘s class yesterday was completely focused on pranayama. What a perfect lead in to working on breath today!

So yes the anatomy facts are cool…

Did you also know your psoas passes through the muscle of your diaphragm???

…but one of the most interesting experiences of today was putting in earplugs which amplified the breath inside my head. It gave me anxiety to start with as it was a little too Darth Vader for my liking (you experience a similar sound when you dive or snorkel), but pretty soon I was able to link my yoga movements with my breath. The amplification helped me pay attention to my breath easily and I could hear Julie Peter‘s voice reminding me to breathe first and then move instead of letting the movement initiate the breath. It was much easier to do this time, as my own breath became the obvious soundtrack to my sun salutations. Very cool.

The day flew by today and before I knew it I was home with my little boy. Looking forward to another day of nerding out on yoga tomorrow with Rachel Scott and the gang. So fun!


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