Ready, set… module II


I’m soaking my feet and taking my three month old nail polish off. You see, I’m going to be doing a lot of forward folding over the next eight days.

Tomorrow it starts: module two of the 200 hour Yyoga teacher training.

I’m not prepared. Despite my best intentions I have not reviewed what I learned in module one. It turns out I’m ok with that. Unforeseen events put my life on hold this week and I am just really excited that I won’t have to miss out and I actually get to immerse myself in something as awesome as this.

Why am I so thrilled about my teacher training?

1) I’m psyched to be learning. As someone a few years out of university and now a mom who fully succumbs to baby talk, this brain needs stimulating!

2) I love Rachel Scott‘s nerdy passion for anatomy. I can only hope a fraction of that will brush off.

3) I’m about to know my practice much better. Knowing how and why I do what I do in yoga will enable me to help others. It’s got to.

4) It’s sunny. That might not seem to make sense considering I will be inside for the next eight days but the energy of the city is incredibly awesome right now. Vancouver needed this beautiful heat, badly. We are all benefiting.

5) I love yoga. ‘nough said.

Stay tuned over the next week as this will indeed be a fabulous time to report my latest revelations on yoga from a students perspective.

Here I go!


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One response to “Ready, set… module II

  1. Janet

    I’m so happy you are so happy to be doing this! Enjoy enjoy!! Can’t wait to be your first student!

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